Company Overview

“ Roofing is our heritage, quality is our tradition ”
Skytech int'l is a professional company providing Roofing Shingles all over Kerala with around 15 years of experience in roofing and roofing products.We are currently one of the biggest players in Roofing Shingles in Kerala and we deal with world class roofing shingles brands We are equipped with a skilled and dedicated staff who’s professionalism, Knowledge and experience is quite nparalleled in the industry which help us to be the leading roofing shingle experts in Kerala.We make a clean observation of the needs in the market which has let us identify the perfect solution for clients. we are always developing costeffective and approaches to complete our projects without compromising on quality.

Why Skytech

Skytech int'l follows a tradition of excellence where customer is our top priority.

Our knowledge in selecting superior roofing shingles, residential asphalt shingles and siding choices has allowed us to offer our customers the opportunity to get top quality roofing and siding products and accessories.We are able to provide customised solutions for every type of assignment.We have a complex analysis mechanism for each site based on climatic, slope based, wall based, and material based specifications.

Based on our innate understanding of project needs, we are able to provide lasting solutions with Warrantee that lasts long.skytech int'l is capable of catering diverse products in demand of roofing industry from roofing shingles, asphalt shingles to siding products.


Under one roof of skytech int'l , you will find everything that make your roof a statement that reiterates your home dreams.How big or small your roofing job is, our knowledgeable and professional staff ensures an on-time and a safe delivery of roofing materials at your jobsite. We believe in word-of-mouth advertising and take every step to make your experience with us a long rewarding one.